se pocahontas kostume på ipad airThere are Ipad Air technologies that work great these days when you know the efficient ways on how to use it. It is important to know about its functions and features. Here are some advices you can get for the ideal Ipad Air owner. If you want to buy an Ipad Air, you have to take time first on creating list of the features you need and then decide on what kind of storage size you want to have. There are several models of Ipads offered in the market and there’s no point in using your money on buying on features that you never going to use. Once you look into buying an Ipad, you have to consider several things to have the best price possible. If you want to utilize the iPad Air outside of your office or house, you will surely want to buy the more costly version of with 3g and WIFI as well. With this model, you can get all the running applications on your tablet of course.

When double clicking on your “Home” button, you will bring up a bar to the bottom of the screen display. All you need to do is to tap an app on the screen, you need to tap the app and you can now use it. Tapping a kind of app will allow you to simply switch focus to the certain app. Swipe the screen once you are done, downwards to hide the bar. Do you get many notifications? If there are some apps that send notifications, you have to go to the settings and tap the notifications. You are able to access and see all the complete list of your apps on the iPad Air and you can select which notifications you want to receive. If you want to prevent your tablet from automatic syncing once you will hook it to your computer, then this can be easy to accomplish. You can make sure that you’re in iTunes. Hold down the Command-Option buttons or Shift-Control if you plug the Ipad Air in. Once you forget the steps simply swipe and then unlock during the sync and instantly it will stop. recently installed a new App on my Ipad Air called Nupo which could help me track how many calories I used everyday and help me loose some weight faster. It worked pretty well and here 3 weeks later I am pretty fond of that Nupo app.

Also, before using your Ipad Air, just start using the device with screen protector. Even though the screens of the Ipad Air are of very high quality, it can still be damaged once it will not be protected. Even a small dirt or grain when rubbed around the screen with your finer can cause a large scratch. You must switch from one app onto another. On the settings, you can activate multitasking gestures like going to the general tab. To switch apps, you will be able to swipe right to left, just swipe up to see multitasking bar and pinch your fingers once you access “Home”. Ipad Air is one of the most popular models of apple tablet. It has been released for good and also for those apple fanatics. Since there are lots of Ipad brands today, Ipad Air is never left behind from the other. We hoped you did enjoy these few IPad air tips.

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