Best Apple GadgetsMost of us want the best toys, the coolest gadgets and something to show of and impress our friends. That also goes for our Apple Iphone or Ipad accessories and Ipad gadgets. Online websites like Apple Gadgets,Iphone tilbehør and Ipad tilbehør we find a huge selection of different apple products for both the Ipad 3 and the Ipad 2 and various iphone modes.

Iphone tilbehør is currently one of the top sites offering these types of Apple gadgets.
iPhone gadgets – It is never to just get an iPhone or Ipad. You will have to find all the cool and fun Apple gadgets and accessories and pimp it to the next leve. This is what makes your apple device interesting and exciting to use.
What types of these Apple gadgets do people usually buy? Mostly it’s new covers for the Iphone and the Ipad but loudspeakers and screen covers are also some of the best selling products.

If we look at a small break down of what apple is selling back in 2008 we see

• 43.8% of Apple’s sales was Macs
• 28.3% of Apple’s sales was iPods
• 10.4% of Apple’s sales was iTunes sales
• 6.7% of Apple’s sales was software
• 5.6 % of Apple’s sales was iPhones
• 5.0% of Apple’s sales was accessories

If we take a look at these numbers today they are
• 36,2% of Appl’s sales was Ipad
• 23.8% of Apple’s sales was Macs
• 15.4% of Apple’s sales was iTunes sales
• 11.6 % of Apple’s sales was iPhones
• 4.7% of Apple’s sales was software
• 5.0% of Apple’s sales was accessories
• 3.3% of Apple’s sales was iPods

As we can see the Apply Ipod has been a huge success and with the release of the new ipad 4 we can expect that number to increase even further in next years statistics. Even the Iphone has almost doubbelt its sales, a lot of the success is due to the new Iphone 4S while we wait for the Iphone 5 to be announced. These numbers fit pretty well with the sales at Apple Gadgets according to manager Jacob J.

But what types of Apple Gadgets can we expect to see in the near future? A lot special loudspeakers like the angry birds ones based on other popular games and television shows. A higher quality of screen protectors and numerous of covers of all types and qualities. At Iphone Tilbehør they more or less stopped selling products to any other type of smartphone and tablet, none of the other brands comes even close to the amount of gadgets you can get the for the apple products and for some reason the apply users are much more willing to spend money on accessories for the phone or tablets compared to users of other popular brands. This is also one of the main reasons there are produced a lot more new stuff for these devices compared to the others and why Apple currently is one of the most successful companies in the entire world. Apple Gadgets don’t expect this trend to change in the next few years, but is it still way too soon to tell which type of technology people like in just 5 years and what sort of things are popular by then. But are you one of the people using the popular Ipad Accessories or Iphone gadgets? If not maybe it’s time to do something about it and see some of the many features there is out there, there might even be something useful for you too. There is a reason people want the best Apple Gadgets possible and continues to buy these things over and over year after year.