Erp for microsoft dynamics nav and axWhat is ERP Reporting?
ERP Reporting is basically a piece of softwre that gives you the power to generate statistis reports on the data in your ERP system. Imagine you got all your sales data and your employee data in your ERP system and wish to know who is your best selling, which products are he selling and where are his customers located? Without a good reporting system, getting access to all of these data can be both complicated and time consuming. Unfortuanatly most ERP software don’t come with a report function, so you will most likely have to do all of these analyse and charts by hand. You can read a lot more about ERP reporting here.

Business-intelligence-erp.comOne of the best tools for reporting is the Targit BI suite which is a business intelligence software, capable of generating professional reports by analyse and using advanced data mining algorithms on your data and then displaying these data in a userfriendly way, so that you can quicky see all the critical data you wish to study. The good part is that this business intelligence software can also be integrated directly into you ERP system in away called business intelligence erp. But combining these two types of software you have access to the best of two worlds.. All of your sales, customer, finacial data gathered in a state of the art ERP system and a powerfull BI system to analyse and display these data for you. This can be a really powerfull tool if done correctly, and by taking action on the facts you can find the such a combination you can easily do a lot of optimizations to your business, thoughs in the long run, improve your sales or lower the costs of making a sale, all things which can increase your early profit quite a bit.

The best part with combining business intelligence and ERP is that normally it takes a lot of time to setup a business intelligence system and especially collect all the data it needs to work properly, build the data warehouse to store the data in and such things. But with an ERP system you already got all of those things, so you just need a BI system with can be integrated directly into your Enterprice Resource Planning system and you are ready to go. Many also use these kind of combinations for decision support systems, helping the business owners making those hard decisions based on facts and data, rather than just taking wild guess and going with the best “feeling”. This is something that is really useful for many of the larger erp systems such as the Microsoft dynamics series like NAV, AX,GB, CRM etc. These systems already contain the huge amount of data that a proper BI system uses and you save the time setting up a data warehouse to handle all of the information used in the analytics tools.